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This track was inspired by jazz. Mannie IL is one of the best young producers with credits stemming from the late Young Dolph, Key Glock and more.  He is of the top producers from Baton Rouge. We met up at Death Star studios in Atlanta with the owners brother Lahsann La Cunningham.  Where he created this jazz infused hip hop track with the saxophone all over it. Years later LA from music only records met Reggie Lee from Colombia Maryland.  Reggie got a 95 corvette from his late father and boom. We get to give you 95 south.  www.95south.info for more information.

Universal Prayer Power Meditation White Noise Sleep Sounds & Zen By Zenith

We Celebrate the energy in the universe and support the Power of prayer with this Zen album by Zenith for Meditation Prayer EP release 

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Brandon Thomas

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David Dun Deal On The Track Cunningham 

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Jase Dalyrimple

The lead singer with Soul 4 Real owned by Dalyrimple Enterprises

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Boom one day LA & Dundeal were talking and BOOOOOOOM Like the Big Bang Effect MUSIC ONLY RECORDS was Created  Interview the CEO & Founder for More of how Music Only Records came too.


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