DISTRIBUTION CLIENTS YOU OWN YOUR MASTERS!!! & will own and will collect 100% of your royalties & publishing. You will also have your Meta Data 
If you are reading this message than you already have been made aware that Music Only Records Powered By Zenith to be referred to as "the company" for the protection of their Contractors to be refereed to as "our artists" and to include but not be limited to Anr's, Producers, performers, writers, managers, labels, publishers, dj's ZENITH Members, ZENITH staff,  and non alike  for the protection of our artists and for the proper tracking of all meta data and for the purpose of monetizing for Music Only Records will own the masters, collect and escrow funds for recouping any costs associated with YOUR project and for the purpose of paying artists for their work we collect all funds and distribute according to a separate terms and agreement which may vary ZENITH MEMBER to ZENTIH MEMBER. Minus our small 15% accounting fee after recouping any monies owed the company we've expensed for your project.  With the exception of Distribution Only Clients that independently cover the costs for their marketing campaigns with us and our other artists services.  DISTRIBUTION CLIENTS YOU OWN YOUR MASTERS!!! & will own and operate all of the projects any of their zenith members and or Anr's produce
any refund requested with in 5 minutes will have a $100 cancellation fee.  By conducting any business with Music Only records or any of its subsidiaries 

Music Only Records